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Hello! My name is Mariam. I am a Physics Teacher turned Full Stack Engineer who is passionate about learning new technologies and working on meaningful projects. I have gained experience with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React.js, Node.js, Express.js, and more while studying Full Stack Web Development at Lambda School.

I joined a company as a Full Stack Engineer and within the first week I learned Next.js and TypeScript to create a user-friendly internal tool. Eventually, I worked in the backend Node.js and GraphQL microservices to implement a paginated activity page. For a year, I worked and collaborated with engineers, UX designers, and product managers to deliver important features.

Outside of web development, I enjoy playing video games and watching a good show.

Experience working remotely and across time zones. Educated at Marquette University (B.S. in Education and Physics), Lambda School (Web Development).

Sauti Africa Market Price API gif

Sauti Africa Market Prices API

React | React Context | React Hooks | ag-Grid | Semantic UI | Node | Express | MySQL | Redis | Knex

Platform and API for developers, researchers, and policy makers to gain access to Sauti Africa's database.

  • Built out frontend using React.js and managing state with Reducer Hook for state management.
  • Developed a filter functions in the backend that can be utilized by an API key for developers or accessed through the site's table where searches can be downloaded into CSV files.
  • Created a simple documentation page with playgrounds for developers to test endpoints, and created a guide for using the table.
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International Rural School Report Project

International Rural School Report

Node.js | Express | SQLite | Knex | Postgres| Heroku | Netlify | Redux | React | Semantic UI

International rural schools can communicate with board members around the world about equipment they need replaced, and board members respond to these requests.

  • Built out entire backend using an Express server with Node.js
  • Endpoints documented with postman docs, and deployed using Heroku and PostgreSQL

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WorldTrek MUD game gif


React | React Hooks | Konva | Sass | Django | Heroku | Vercel

An interactive Multi-User Dungeon consisting of 100 rooms where users can explore rooms named after countries and see other users in real-time.

  • Utilized a room generating algorithm in Python
  • Implemented Konva to display rooms with React like a grid and display paths
  • Took on a leadership role and responsible for functionality and design
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HTML | CSS | JavaScript | TypeScript | React | React Hooks | Redux | React Context

Responsive Design | Material UI | Styled Components | LESS | SASS | REST APIs | Node | Express

SQL | GraphQL | Knex | Sqlite3 | Postgres | Redis | Jest | Cypress | Testcafe

Auth0 | Netlify | Vercel | Heroku| Google Analytics | Moesif

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